Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I never tire...

I never tire of looking into your eyes always full
of wonderof delight
of mischief Of Love
of defiance
Being your mama has been the greatest gift!

100% Organic

From the garden to the dinner table...... doesn't get any better than that!
p.s. Our girls say the lettuce tastes better when we grow it (:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Our City Rocks!

The first ever City Bike Trail ride was held on Friday so we loaded up 4 kids and myself in one car and Alan loaded all the bikes into the truck and off we went! We did an 8 mile loop that was alot of fun and scenic. We all got T-shirts for doing it and they are begging to go again.

Letting go

I know this is apart of parenthood. But, no one tells you how hard it is. We are raising our kids to be adults so at some point in their lives I have to let go.
:: I don't know if this is just because Bronson is the youngest of 4. But, I have to let go with all the demands I use to make my other girls do. If he wants to eat his granola bar and plum with out help from me and make a big heaping mess and be as happy as a clam....So be it! I am happy for him. I know I can just wash him off in the splash pad later (:

::Our oldest asked to sit in my lap during church a little while ago. And I let her. It was difficult since she weights 50 lbs and I can no longer see over her head, but I also know that she is growing up so darn fast that it was probably the last time she will ask. I hate letting this one go. Now when we walk in the halls and everyone is holding hands she lets go when other people are around....OK this one breaks my heart a little, but I guess it would look a bit weird sitting in my lap when she is 6 feet tall!
::Someone once told me that our second child was going to be wild and crazy till she is 30! I am glad that I have let go the expectations of how others think of us. Who ever said children are like clay and all you do is mold them into what you want them to be is a load of crap! I think children are who they are. All 4 of our kids are SO unique and we have to parent differently for each of them. So even if our kids are Wild and Crazy...we love them just the way they are!
::I am sure there will be alot more letting go to come..............................

Our girls are always fancy....

thanks to grandma (:

Friday, June 25, 2010


Wasatch Back....go Alan!

Monday, June 21, 2010

No Excuses

(Recent pic of Alan and I...YIKES)
You heard me right.....
I am done being pregnant.....
I am done nursing..................
I am done with school............
I am done with winter.

Looks like I am out of excuses, so I signed up for a boot camp and started today!
I am embarrassed how being pregnant and nursing a baby I can pack on the pounds, but I am aiming to lose 5% fat or 10 pounds in 8 weeks. Alan has a friend who runs a boot camp and you see results.
::If you want to join me let me know...misery loves company! Or if you have any great advice you are welcome to give it, I know alot of my friends and fam are super fit.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Dave (my step dad) who totally rocked as a Dad growing up!!
To my Dad: Thanks for just being you! And our kids think you are pretty great too!
To Alan: Thanks for inspiring our kids to be runners and have a fun sense of adventure!

This is a little concert Savannah and Kendall held today. They planned, practiced, and preformed a wonderful concert! Savannah played "count your many blessings" and "B-I-N-G-O" while Kendall had duel duties as a conductor and singer. (That stick is for conducting and for reading the words to the songs).

Friday, June 18, 2010

Slowing down time

(All 4 kids.....watching a movie on our floor!)
I love summer. I love that we had a whole bunch of nothing planned this week! I love having my kids alllllll to myself in the summer. But, today just seemed like a perfect day.
We did have chores to complete, I still changed messy diapers and held a very heavy one year old who did not sleep well the previous night and with a husband out of town that meant no sleep for me either.
However, amongst all the normal day to day activities I had so much fun. We wrote a bucket list of what we wanted to do this summer and started right on it!

::Park tour- Which was so fun.. but 2 of our kids were outside for 5 minutes with out sunblock and got burnt! Sorry Savannah and Bronson. I will try to remember the sun LOVES your skin.
::School lunch-I make lunch and then the girls have to pick out what food they want and pay for it! (They LOVE this)
::Bike ride-Which made a detour to visit the goats and chickens.
::Movie night in our room. We watched tooth fairy and even Bronson stayed for a minute! I love to see them all cuddled up!

I felt like it was the "perfect" day because I was present in the moments and felt like I made a bigger effort in soaking it in all up today. I think I wanna do it again tomorrow....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LOOK who's walking!!

OK so really Bronson took his first steps at 13 months. Now he is walking full time and almost running! He is so cute and so darn proud of himself. He now gets into EVERYTHING possible, but still so cute that we don't care (: Watch Bronson's skills and watch Alan demonstrate how to play tennis!

Summer Vaca/Reunion

Our first/last vacation this summer ended up being my family reunion! Boy has our family grown. This is not cousins or aunts and uncles. Just my parents and siblings! We had so much fun swimming, riding jet skies (our first time doing this), hot tubing, water parks, picnics, bbq's, bowling, rock climbing, and going to movies. It was alot to pack into a short trip but well worth it. We also meet my little brothers baby for the first time Elijah and he stole our hearts! Since the house was beyond packed Alan and I shared the bottom bunk of my parents bunk bed with Kendall on top bunk, Savannah on the floor, Reese in the toddler bed, and Bronson in the pack-n-play all in the same room! WHAT AN ADVENTURE! I have a zillion pics but here are just a few!
Grampa with Savannah, Kendall, and Bronson
All but 2 of the grand kids!
At the park with little sis Kiera, Bronson, Kar and Dad
Cute Elijah and Little brother Clay!

::Thanks to my parents for putting up with our crazy bunch and making it a super fun trip!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This IS a great place!

We headed to "This is the place" last weekend. For living here for so long I cannot believe we have NEVER been there. We thought it would be a fun family night activity and learn more about pioneers!

The homes were really neat to look inside.

The girls LOVED washing the clothes....which is weird cuz I can't get any help with the laudry at home (:
Their FAV. was panning for gold. They each found a piece of gold. When they took it to the banker he traded it for $$. And then they traded their $$ for junk(icecream) at the mercantile store!

Torturing Bronson with her cone.....Nice Savannah!
Maybe someday Kendall will have front teeth! She had bubblegum icecream...I totally remember having that when I was a kid and I would save all the bubblegum....Kendall just ate it like candy!