Sunday, January 06, 2013

New years EVE!!


 We STARTED off our New Year's Eve with a trip to Penny Pickle's Children Museum!  They had a big countdown to NOON!  Complete with confetti!  It was alot of fun and all kids had a great time looking at all the weird/interesting stuff!
 For the rest of the day we made our appitizer dinner and played games all night!  When the clock struck 12:00 we toasted it in with Egg Nog and a few poppers!  We had a crazy 2012 and are so excited for what 2013 has in store for us!
 Monopoly was a hit with Savannah and Kendall!  But I WON!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Now Alan doesn't like this game anymore!!
 I had to but this one in just for Kendall's face!


Christmas Morning...part 2

 Kiera came over too!

The morning started off normally with kids coming down the stairs.  They found their stocking filled with oranges, toothbrushes, and even toothpaste!  They saw only a few packages to unwrap mostly from their grandparents.  The last one they open was from us to all the kids!  It was...............................................
A TRIP TO DISNEYLAND!!!!  They were still in shock when we told them to get dressed because we were leaving RIGHT NOW!
Off we flew towards L.A.  where there was no other traffic AT ALL!  That was my Christmas present!
We enjoyed an entire day of family fun and togetherness!!!  Best Christmas EVER!

 How many maps do you need?????????????????????????????????
 Love to look at the amazement in his eyes!
 BRAVE sisters......talked each other into most rides!

 Hudson was SOOOOOOO tired poor kid-o!
 Carsland was AWESOME!

 Loved how it was all decked out for Christmas!

 Man alive it's hard to get a good picture of everyone!
 This is what it looked like when we left!  Bronson's legs stopped working.....he walked over 6 miles today and was happy and DONE!

Christmas Morning!

  We took pictures in front of the Christmas tree (except Hudson....he was sleeping)  and read our new book Mortimor's Chrstmas Manger.  Then off to bed!

 This is what they looked like at 6AM!  Completley zoned out and had no idea what was in store.  
P.s.  We WOKE them up at 6am!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a fun and relaxing one!  We were able to go to the Tramp park and jump for 4 hours.  We met up with Alan's family their and ate wings for dinner!  Then after we got home and all the kids got on their PJ's we opened up sibling gifts!  The kids are almost more excited about this than Christmas!  Their eyes were full of excitement to see their siblings open their gift they worked so hard on!  They all loved it, we except for Bronson who cried cuz he wanted to open up the rest of the presents!!!