Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Craziness..

 CARVING Pumpkins with the family!

 Gotta love it!
 Bronson was entertained for HOURS with putting seeds in and out of the pumpkin
 Kiera......put down that knife!
 Reese as Minnie Mouse
 Savannah the Peacock
 Kendall the Vampire
 OK Kendall....that's scary
 Typical Bronson look!
 I think the horse head is a little bit too small for him (:
 Let this horsey in!
 We took a Halloween train ride with my older brother and his family!  This is what I had to look at everytime a train passed and it was not our turn, bronson just cried and cried.  He wanted in so BAD!
 Cousin BESTIES!!!!  Sara and Reese!
 At the front....Reese and Bronson
 Hold on Alan

 Bringing up the caboose.....
Here is Baby Hud.....enjoying the ride.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy fall ya'all

Our growin' baby boy!

Our sweet boy is growin agian.
He went to the doctor and was 28" (88%)
He weighs 21.8lbs (90%)
Hudson also had his very first bite of food this week.  He was totally intrested and then he swallowed and did not like it too much.  He has some squash and DID NOT enjoy it.
We know he will soon enjoy eating like the rest of us!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Did I hear a niner...??

9 things we LOVE about Savannah:
1-We love her silliness.  She makes up some crazy jokes (:
2-She love, love, loves, her little brothers.  She asks all the time if she can hold Hudson or if she could read stories to Bronson.
3-Her sisters are her best friends- They play together and get in trouble together.
4-She makes friends easily.  Some people mistake her for "shy", those people don't know her at all.
5-She is a whiz at reading, math, and spelling.  She loves to learn and it shows.
6-We love to craft, cook, and shop together.
7-I love the outfits that Savannah comes up with.  She loves to accessorize!!
8-I think she is musically talented and I love to hear her play piano (:
9-I love her smile....

 Bed head morning pancakes!!  Its my favorite picture that I take every year! The picture above is when she turned 5.

 Then on to the family party!!  She wanted a "yellow" party.  So we had yellow fuzzies (pineapple icecream and 7-up) and little lemon cheesecakes.
 Why is she trying to grow up so fast....9????  Already????

Don't worry....Savannah asked for these footed PJ's for her birthday. 
Now she will always be my baby....just a big one!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall walks

I love fall walks in our neighborhood!  Especailly when there is a new pony to visit now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Punkin Patch..picture overload!

I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch every year...we go to the same one EVERY year too!
We had a blast taking a tractor ride (bronson's fav), picking pumpkins, pig races, train rides, seeing a peacock and baby cow, playing in the corn box, sliding down HUGE hey slides, and to top it all off seeing a cool rainbow on our way out! The kids were ALL smiles and it was so fun for everyone!