Thursday, March 24, 2011

Interview with a 2 year old

 2 YEARS ago today.....Our lives completely changed!
 Now we have our very big boy Bronson who is  2

Name: BrOnSoN
Nickname:  Buddy
Age: 2
Weight: 30 lbs
Favorite food:  Anything he is not suppose to get the idea!  (Dairy IS NOT his friend).
Favorite thing to do:  Run really really fast, pretends like everyone is chasing him, play with electronics, push buttons, turn lights off and on as fast as he can before someone stops him, and laugh.
Favorite animal: His weasel.....I have no idea where it came from but he sleeps with it every night and calls it baby.
Favorite things to say- NO!, Set GO!, Roxy!, Reese-E!, nigh-night! BYE! Girls!  (can you tell which words I am yelling most of the day?)
Two things I LOVE about him:
He gives the best hugs and kisses!!
He either loves you or not!  He will go up to different people and turn around and back-up to them.  That means he likes you and wants you to hold him.  Others he will look down and not make eye contact with them.  That means......Stay away from  me!  I love that he is his own person even at 2 and so very different from the other 3.  He keeps me on my toes ALL day! 
He is SO easy to love and he has completely changed our lives (for the better) and we could not imagine not having our sweet boy....He has my heart for sure!

The party!!  This is his special birthday chair....complete with cute hat that he did not like (:
An BOY party has to have DIRT cups of course....they were super good....even with worms in them.

The girls decorated for his party and took alot of time making a banner for him!  What great sisters he has.
We luv u Buddy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I LOVE this little boy....Can you see his personality??

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prego Skier!

You heard me!  Skiing at 9 months pregnant.... I had a chance to go skiing with the YW in our ward.  And I big deal!  I still have 3 weeks before I deliver...I can do it!
That was until I put on my ski pants and could not zip them up......grrrrrrrrr
Alan GRACIOUSLY offered his ski pants and even though I looked like a marshmallow I wore them (:

I got a ton of laughs from all the girls but it was still fun.  I stuck to the easier trails but quickly realized why you don't see alot of pregnant skiers.  I had to pee after EVERY RUN!  The bumps were killing me, but I stuck it out and even though I looked completely ridiculous, I had a blast (: 

Interview with the middle child

Age: Four 4
Weight: 30 lbs
Favorite Color:  PINK
Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese
Favorite toy:  New princess camera that she got for her Birthday
Favorite things to do:  Ride her bike, go to church (she has an AMAZING teacher), go to the girls school, and dance to her princess music!!
Reese is our TRUE BLUE middle child.  She is stuck between 2 worlds where she is not quite old enough to do things with the big girls but, not a baby and is able to do many things that babies and toddlers cant do!  I think that is why she is so sassy.  She is still trying to figure out her place!!

FOUR things we love about Reese
  • She is a mommy in training.  She loves to take care of Bronson and is SUPER excited to take care of another baby brother
  • Her big BLUE eyes and pout lips get her anything........really they do....... ...
  • She is so easy to love!  She doesn't ask for much and really just has fun hanging out!
  • She is always trying to do her best!  I love that she loves to learn and wants to do new things all the time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday GIRLIE!!!! (picture overload)

Ready for earrings!!!

Reese had a super duper awesome Birthday!! 
We had our traditional pancake breakfast with candles to blow out!
Then on to her Birthday adventure....piercing her ears!  The girls and I headed to the mall where Reese picked out her earrings.  She had to choose the studs and they super cute flowers and pink flowers.  When the lady asked which ones she wanted she said the BIG DIAMOND!  She picked the biggest sparkly earring they had.  After a minute of trying to get her to choose the dainty little pink flower, she held her ground and we stuck with the big diamond.  Reese cried for about a second, then they showed her her sparkly earrings in the mirror and that was it!
She is so proud of them and tells everyone she knows about them (:
At home we celebrated with opening presents and her "cake" this year was ice cream sandwiches with pink sprinkles (a girl after my own heart!)  
She had so much fun and she can't wait till she turns 5!!

LoVe NoTeS

For family night a few weeks ago, Kendall was in charge.
She decided to do a lesson on LOVE!!
She wrote notes to every member of our family, including a picture, and read each one out loud.
It was so sweet and so thoughtful that she made everyone feel special.  And YES she wrote one for our dog too!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


  Computer STILL not working ):

Monday, March 07, 2011


Can you Guess what IT is?
More on the best day ever later...maybe when my computer is back to working!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dear Reese:

Thanks for the lovely picnic you made for us today!  It was must know how much I love to eat!
On a side note:  Alan got her dressed today.  Can someone please help him if I am at the hospital?!?!?
On another side note:  I was responsible for not doing her hair today!!  I am getting LAZY!

Hope this leaves an awesome SCAR! least that is what the doctor said.  The stiches are now out and Bronson didn't even cry.  Of course that could be due to the 10 suckers they gave him while they were taking them out!!