Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Power point presentation has arrived!

And she did wonderful!  Savannah was hooked up to a mic and had to giver her power point presentation on the life of a peacock in front of 50 of her peers and parents!  She did wonderful and even fielded questions after it!  I would have been so nervous but, Savannah looked like she was a pro.

Being hooked up to the microphone....

Answering questions!!...Can you see Reese's profile in the front row?  She is not sure why I won't let her go to school yet (:

Sunday, January 23, 2011

9 weeks and counting.....

Here we are at 31 weeks.  I am ready to explode and I still have lots of time to get lots bigger!  I am trying to stay positive and know that the end result will be another amazing little boy, and that maybe someday I will be glad I took these pictures!
And as soon as the camera comes out I got ambushed!  Man I love these guys!  The thought of adding another one makes me so happy and at the same time I think...what have I gotten myself into.  We decided for FHE that we would try 3 new things this week and see if it makes our days a little less chatic
#1-Do it now rule-  When you take your clothes off out them away right now instead of waiting till later...cuz we all know later never comes
#2-Good manners- Which include not running around the table....not teasing...using utensils and ..just eating and talking nicely!
#3- ONE hour dinner rule.....for some reason with kids running around playing dinner seems to last for 2 hours.
Silly rules but if anyone has good advice to help in these areas I would love to hear it!!! (:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Reese and Roxy

You can often find these two in deep conversation.  Reese loves her captive audience and Roxy is pretty tolerant to whatever anyone else wants to do (:

Almost Famous

Look who's cute little mug showed up in our newspaper the other day!
Bronson wore his Santa suit to visit Santa on Christmas Eve at our Children's  Museum.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If you are having a bad day today......

JUST take a look at our family pictures and that should but a smile on your face.  I just laugh every time we try to take a pictures.......chaos follows (:

Fat Kitty

 We went to FAT CATS on Monday with the family (Reese calls it fat kitties).  They love to play all the games and more importantly win tickets.  I think they won the MOST ever with around 600 tickets.  What lucky little kids they are and they came home with an arm full of junk toys!!  I didn't take many pictures since my flash is not very good so here are 2 that think of capture the night....

Kendall's expression 50% of the the time...its her famous sulk/pout.  I am not sure what she was even upset about....We were about to dive into her favorite....pepperoni pizza!
This is what the other pictures looked like.  Kids having too much fun to hold really still so that I can take their picture!  This is Bronson driving like a crazy man!

Fool me once....shame on you...

Fool me twice...........shame on me!  Well you would think I would know better by now but, I don't.

This has been a rough week for us.  We decided to take away Bronson's beloved binki on Saturday night.  So we have had one grumpy little guy for a few days.  Well on Monday....I finally heard silence during his nap and I was JUMPING for JOY think that my sweet little boy has got it down and was taking a good nap.  When I went in to give him a big hug I was greeted by a boy with a HUGE smile and then I saw a HUGE mess.  He decided to rip apart his mattress during nap time......awesome! 
 Its a good thing he is sooooooo stinkin cute.....or he would have been in alot of trouble (:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

IT has finally happened....

I thought that it would not be until 4th grade.  But, Savannah has out smarted me in the 2nd grade ):
It started off with her spelling work that I had to google because I wasn't sure what it meant (melodious).  Then to top it off she is giving a power point presentation in class on an animal species that she chose.  I have never done power point before!!  YIKES...I need to go back to school!

Sunday, January 09, 2011


He is WiLd, CrAzY, always running (mostly away from me), climbing on tables, and Stubborn. But, he is MY wild and crazy little man and I wouldn't have him any other way! 

Besides, he is so cute and his smile melts my heart each and every day!!

Friday, January 07, 2011

Goals Overview!!

THIS was last years goals.............
::Do a mini triathlon relay::   CHECK.  And since no one else signed up we got FIRST place!

::Continue to offer new foods to my family.  CHECK- and I want to continue trying this because there are alot of NEW foods we love now..or at least I do (:

::Try to work-out in the morning- CHECK-This really helped be be able to work out more consistently and mornings are not as bad as I thought!
::Sign up and finish another 5K-FAILED!!  OK well I was not expecting to be pregnant so I was terribly sick and did not train for it and did not run it ):

::Get more creative with the kids.CHECK- We did more than normal but it is still not alot!  They still love it and I will try to remember to do more.

::De-junk garage-BIG FAT FAIL-  It is so overwhelming for me and I just cannot seem to do it myself.  HELP!  Maybe when my family comes up again I can have my dad help me build some shelves and get all the stuff off the floor.  We have sold ALOT of our crap but, still have alot more to go!

So why do I set goals if I don't always meet them???  Because at least it makes me work on them which brings me to.......................................
2011 GOALS

I am keeping it simple in 2011
::Have a baby.  I am getting so excited with less than 12 weeks to go.  I will try to keep myself healthy the last 12 weeks so I can prepare better for his birth and maybe even wait until my due date to have him.

::Sign up and FINISH another Triathlon relay!- Now this is a relay and my team is kind of flaking on me so I really hope they hold strong and are not too embarrassed to have me on their team.  So this also means I am going to have to get on a bike because it is in 4 weeks.

::Make my house a home- I want to create a calm environment so when I have 5 screaming kids and all their friends around I can feel at home (:  We have lived in this house for 5 years and still do not have curtain rods in our bedroom...No pictures on the walls....no decorating in MOST rooms.  So I will try and slowly work room my room and make our house a HOME!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Dear World...

 You just welcomed in your newest Sunbeam!  And she had a blast.....