Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Blues

How can you say NO to such a cute little boy?

Looking back! The trip from H-E-double hockey sticks!

In April we went with Alan to a CPA convention in sunny St. George! It looked like a nice break from the snow so we headed out. We had a bit of a rocky start with a flat tire, 2 broke shocks, and a hour before we arrive our cargo carrier opened and shoes and diapers went flying down the highway! We luckily collected all shoes, toys, diapers and formula scattered on the highway. Tried unsuccessfully to retie our cargo carrier (Alan's brother lost our strap) we set out again this time adding a few house since we could not drive the speed limit ): The silver lining to this story was that ALLL of the kids fell asleep at the same time (this never happens!)
Our luck continued when we stayed in a half million dollar house!! It was an awesome green home that we all loved. We had a busy week while Alan was at his conference. Bumper boats, swimming, walks, hiking, riding on some sweet bike trails, and Zion's! Here are a million pics!

This is at Zion's. We hiked alll day and finally at the end Bronson quietly zonked out...So did Alan!Kendall makes me laugh where ever we are. When we were waiting in line at a porta potty we spotted a lizard climbing on the wall. She was saying how cute it was and went to touch it. Instead of running away from here it ran at her. She screamed SO loud the ENTIRE line of people waiting for the porta potty were starring! I think that is the last time she pets a lizard!!

This is by far my most favorite place to hike. It is gorgeous!! We were stalked by the chipmunks after we opened up some Cheetos! When we sat down I had a chipmunk perched behind me looking like he would attack for my Cheetos. From then on when the girls were slow we told them that there was a chipmunk behind and they would start running!


First time in a swing
What happened after hours at the house! Notice the take down by Kendall!

Seriously...these girls are crazy.....I luv um!
Tattoos at Pirate's Pizza!

Bounce House! This was a hit! We played for 4 hours at it! Even Bronson loved it!

Our little Reese climbed up the 20 foot slide fear!

Lots of Arcades...Every time we goto the Arcade Reese ALWAYS wins the MOST tickets....EVERY TIME!! She is our lucky charm.
Nathan...This ones for you! Bronson+Gun=Manly boy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

RUN alan RUN

Reese looking for her "da-da" at the botton of the canyon. The pretty trail almost makes me want to run on it (:
Still Waiting
Bronson and I enjoying the sunshine and a workout....... hauling him around!
SOMEONE here is Stinky!
HE made it and we found him after an hour of searching the crowds!

::Alan is a "marathoner" that's right he has completed his second marathon. In fact...he has caught the bug and is doing another Marathon this year as well as a 144 miler called the Ragnar.
We were Alan's small cheering teaming waiting as he came out of Ogden Canyon (soooo pretty) and then we cheered him at the finish. He pulled a muscle so he did not get his PR but he still finished close to last years time. Way to go! He is so inspiring to the girls and they are ready to run with him (:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SiStEr TwInS

Everyone seems to tell us that Reese and Kendall look JUST the SAME. I totally agree but Kendall gets upset by this statement. After Church this last Sunday she said "we are NOT the same.....I am ALOT taller than her!" Right again Miss K.
P.s. If you notice Kendall is toothless??? During her dance pictures the lady kept asking her to smile big so she can see her teeth. Then she finally said...OH! You don't have any front teeth!
I think she has lost 9 teeth now. She has beat Savannah by 2 teeth!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Little bit of Sunshine...

Guess who found the sunny spot in our house?? Did you ever do this as a kid? I remember spending alot of Saturday mornings laying in our sunny spot until it warmed up a bit.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I CANNOT believe she did IT!

AFTER: I could not believe it... My sweet little girl wanted to donate her hair to locks of love. Her best friend at school (did I mention I love her school and her friends) donated her hair a few months ago and she wanted to know more about it. I told her that the hair goes to make wigs for kids who get sick and don't have hair. She said, "I want to do that" So we took her in and the took off 14 inches!!! The lady kept asking if she was going to cry!! She kind of looked grumpy but I think that was to mask her complete joy when she saw herself. She was beaming when she jumped out of her swivel chair and she has been beaming ever since. There is such joy knowing her beloved hair will go to someone else and I am beside myself on how easy her hair is to do!!!!!

Our inheritance

We have always dreamed of having a piano. The chances of getting one have been slim. However, when Alan's Grandma passed away we found out that no one wanted her piano. What luck! We are now the pound owners of her beloved piano. This mother's day I have thought alot about her. I am glad the girls got to know her and I am thankful that I knew her long enough to hear her play on her piano. She played by ear and if you could sing it she could play it. I think the musical talent got passed to Alan! Every time the girls are playing on it I think of her. It is an old beat up piano probably 50 years old and we LOVE it! Thank you grandma. So here are a few pics of what we where up to this mother's day: Savannah and Bronson being pulled around the kitchen on a blanket. This is Bronson's MOST favorite game right now.
Alan made us all dinner. This year I handed him the recipes that I wanted for dinner. Our favorite were the homemake blueberry muffins. They were soooo good. He also made some whole wheat buttermilk pancakes from scratch with stawberries! I love breakfast!! It is my most favorite meal! Now that I know my husband is capable of cooking up some good homemade food...I might request it more that just once a year!
Here is the recipe for the Blueberry muffins.