Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Boy Bronson

Well since we only came to Cali with one was time to put Bronson in a big bed!  To our surprise he has loved it and done well with it.  Well ....he kind of sleeps in it.  We tried to get him on a Queen size bed at first.  NO WAY!  Bronson was alright with a twin mattress on the floor.  So that is where he sleeps...sometimes and ends up on the floor other times!


All 3 chicks are still ALIVE!  They are no longer babies and have almost all their feathers.  Only a few more weeks until they are Teenagers.  Time flies.....and I still have not done their coop.  We are waiting to take some leftover wood scraps from Alans work and try to build a cheap coop.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thursday, July 05, 2012

A tank rolled through town, apple bomb, and other happenings on the 4th

 Our 4th of July started early in the morning......with pancakes in the park and patriotic music!  (Hudson looks like a baby bird being fed)
 Then on to the Parade..............which was MASSIVE!  Way bigger than the ones we are use to!
 There were TONS of people
 Bronson LOVED the police and firetrucks..........but still freaks out with LOUD sounds.
 CCC-This is for you.........alot of bikers should move here.....haha!

 Down to the local park where we listened to music and ate an APPLE BOMB!  Sliced apples homemade vanilla icecream to boot!  As you can see with 7 people in only lasted about 7 seconds!

 Then onto the TRADITIONAL 4th of July CAMP OUT!  It was Savannah, Reese, and Kendall.
They got to sleep in the backyard with their Dad while Me and the boys slept in our beds.  A WIN-WIN in my book!

 They day ended with smores in our fireplace.  Note to self:  The super huge marshmallows they sell in the store look fun.  However, they are WAY to big to roast and WAY to big to eat!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Stay-cations are easier when you live in Cali

 We woke up today and decided to go on a spontaneous trip to San Diego.  Since we have no money we went to FREE places.  First stop was Old Town San Diego.

 Riding a practice horse....giddy up buddy.
 This is what Hudson thought of the whole thing...............................................................................exactly!
 Walking to the next destination......MORMON BATALLION!

 Bronson posing with a soldier

 Dressing up like Pioneers and panning for gold.  This was a super fun place and really fun to go AND learn.

 Hudson finally crashed!  Yup right as we were walking back to the car.  Good timing!
 Our irrevernt the kiddie swings.

 Buddy and Reese LOVEIN IT!
 Hudson found another child's sand bucket and got to work!
 Coolest thing about this section of the park was the clam shell spinner.........
 This is buddy pleding with me to TAKE HIM OFF!!!
 The girls LOVED IT!!  If you can't tell

 Who's dirty baby is that?  OH he is ours.......Dirty from head to toes means he had a great time!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dear Hudson:

Dear Chunk:
You are the apple of our eye.  The sweetest cutest baby we have ever met!  So how come you have been banned from the public library?

I have personally banned you.  The last time we went I toted you along with your 4 other siblings so we could keep up on reading, however, after repeatedly hitting a baby in a stroller, throwing books, dumping out the garbage, and screaming and hitting your mom after she picks you have been banned!  Probably until next week....till I can either forget about it or muster up enough courage to show my face there again!