Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Photos know how it goes!   This IS our family!

Havest Moon

Not many pictures taken for our annual fall event.  The kids had alot of fun making "pumpkin" bread, riding the train,painting pumpkins, making crafts, playing in foam, and of course eating fair food. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Boy in the Bath

What to do when our bouncing baby boy has outgrown his tub......and he can't sit up yet???
Well he still looks so darn cute!

New member of the family

She might be ready to run, BUT
We got a good grip on her.................shes not going anywhere!
My little sis is living with us while going to college......and we LOVE every second of it!

Back to school 2

Savannah and Kendall were so excited to start 2nd and 3rd grade.  They both LOVE their teachers this year and even have some friends in their class.  They are both pretty happy to wake up still and love making their own lunches for school!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to School ):

Miss Reese has waited FOREVER to start preschool.
This was her first year and man alive was she excited!
She is super social had has made many friends already.
She loved "recess" and snack time the best.
She says that during recess her and her friends run away from the boys and they practice walking like princesses.
We love hearing all her adventures and we are excited to hear many more!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A whole NEW world

 Since Kiera (my little sister) is now living with us we are now involved in her hobby/passion....HORSES!
We went to her first event in Utah and boy was it an eye opener.  So many horses, dogs, and lots of jumps.
She rides English and rocked at her event.  She took first in her class!
The girls and Bronson loved watching her ride and thought she was AMAZING!  We are so excited to be apart of this new world.

Friday, September 16, 2011


That's training wheels!  All of our girls are riding bikes.  This of course happened by chance.  Reese's training wheels keep falling off (this is a really old bike) so I told her to ride her scooter or just learn to ride her bike without them.  So she said she wanted to ride with out them and that was the end of it!  All she kept saying was "let go mom".  So I did and she has been riding since.  She is really great at it and can go up and down curbs, over grass, and has only hit 2 parked cars!
Way to go REESE-E!

Happy BOY


The tramp is in the ground and the fence is put back up.....yipee!  This was our goal for the summer (:

I miss the summer...

 And Miss Reese misses her sisters ):


The number one question I am asked is....How old is he?
When I answer 5 months the second is WOW is he BIG?
I think he is starting to get a complex...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NaMe SaKe

My Grampa passed away ....this was the Grampa that I was named after (Dawn/Don) and the
 Grandpa that Hudson was named after...RUSH.  He will be greatly missed.
It was a beautilful ceremony in Atasadero, CA
These are a few of many cousins.......mostly boys!  Look how sweet my Grandma is....and she dosen't just look sweet.....she is the SWEETEST!
I have so many great memories of this tire swing out front of her home
I love the big trees in her yard! 
We meet alot of the family at Morro Bay for dinner and alot of catching up!
Morro Rock
I Love my Grandma and get my eyes from her.  I will miss my Grandpa and LOVE
 that Hudson carries his name.

Thanks so much to this goober (my big brother) for traveling with me and Hudson.
He is so great with kids and a fun guy to hang out with too!