Friday, April 30, 2010

Not a baby any more

OK lets face it. He will always be my baby. Mr. B is now 13 months. At his check up he was still going strong at 25 pounds. He wore his Wolverine tee today so that he would be brave. He has shots PLUS and about trauma. I guess they take blood to see if they are anemic but, if I was given 2 more seconds to think about it I probably would have said no thanks. Our other kids never had this and plus he is healthy as they come and still on formula (which has iron) Oh well, he braved it and got a red arm band in return. A few facts about Bronson:

::He has NO teeth (still) but the Dr. saw about 6 ready to come in soon.....won't that be fun.
::Has taken a few steps. He is in such a hurry to just walk that he FALLS all the time.
::Loves to- be chased, tickled, bath time, being held, cuddled, sleep, play, eat anything and everything that is not appropriate to eat, have your complete attention, crawling up the stairs at any given chance, and SMILE.
::Hates to- be confined, getting his diaper changed, getting OUT of the bath, be fed by someone other than himself, have his face wiped, and be taken off the stairs.
OH MAN! With that smile.....................he could have anything he wants (:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MY day!

OK....I know you are not suppose to have favorites, BUT when these pictures arrived in my inbox THEY were the favorites for the day!
Thanks to all for a fab birthday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hair.....Utah weather......and TWINS!!

HAIR:: Can you believe it! These girls have boycotted haircuts until their hair reaches their KNEES!! Yikes! What is up with that? They all gang up on me and will only let me cut off an inch. Needless to say their hair is too long to do any cute styles. It's either up or down these days because it takes me 30 minutes to brush every morning!!
It is OFFICIALLY spring so the shorts and tank tops are now allowed (: And dancing and playing in the snow outside is just a bonus.

TWINS:: Some how those families who have been twice blessed in their families are so incredibly generous! Bronson has been so lucky to be friends with a little boy who is a twin and his mom gives him hand me downs! And they are darn cute! And somehow, we get a garbage bag full of clothes on our door step for the girls that just to happen to have twinner dresses for the girls from another family in our neighborhood who have twins a few years older than Savannah and Kendall! And still yet, I have been so lucky to have a friend who I carpool with who has twins Kendall's age who she loves to play with and I love having less driving during the day!!
AND I am not even mentioning the twins that like to babysit the girls! So crazy that we have been twice blessed in so many different ways!

Monday, April 05, 2010

SkI bUnNiEs

The Fam!
Me and the girls

Savannah and I. This is what the weather was really like. Notice my hair was frozen in this pic.

Kiera and Savannah
Savannah and I
Kendall and I
SPLITS!!! Kendall showing me how its done.

Savannah and Kendall!! Cute snow bunnies!
::So while my family was in town we decided to take the girls up to Alta for their first time skiing! We went with my sister Kiera and meet my brother and his 2 oldest kids. We had such a GREAT time. It was dumping snow and FREEZING but, we love love loved it. The girls surprised me and kept wanting to go down the mountain with out help. After a tough time trying to get UP the bunny hill we just decided it would be easier up the chair lift! The girls loved riding the chair lift and were enjoying going down the mountain. Apparently were were the last ones on the mountain and the ski patrol picked up the girls and Alan and took them down the last 3rd while Kiera and I enjoyed skiing straight down the mountain (as fast as possible) to the lodge. The girls have asked us EVERY DAY if they can go skiing again....yeah!

Birthday Boy...part 2

First...the frosting
Then the Cake
Then as much as he can shove in!!
playing with his new toys!My birthday boy in his Birthday shirt!


Thanks for coming and hanging out with us over spring break!! We love you all and miss you when you leave (:
Meags (holding Violet), Sam, Gma Shirley
Sweet sisters Sara and Rylie
Aaron wrestling Reese. She screams but she loves the attention from him.
Kaeli, Savannah, Kiera, and Kendall having a blast on the tramp. I think kiera was trying to bounce them to the moon.
Violet.......oh sweet violet......Meag can I be her mama by proxy???
Kaeli.....She is so grown up and gorg!
Reese, LOVIN the dress up outfit my parents brought her. (she wears it EVERY DAY!)
A pooped princess! I love this pic of her with my parents.
Me and my baby girl!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


I love Easter. At our home we celebrate Bunny Saturday (egg hunt...ect) and Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is a special family dinner with a FHE centered on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This year was a special treat of Conference. Which for us meant PJ's and listening to the prophet. I LOVED all the talks I heard and felt so uplifted. Here are a few pics on Saturday.
The EGG crew! Reese, Kendall, and Savannah
Did you know that EASTER is this girls favorite holiday......she is all about bunnies!

This year we made Monster eggs!! I thought the girls monsters were so cute!
Reese.......just trying to blend in with her eggs!
So cute! They made me take a picture of every egg

Here is our cute little bunny!! Love ya Bronson! We have had a super busy week with alot of pictures so stay tuned!