Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 22, 2012

This kid

This kid can light up a room with his smile!

Only 2 months in and........................

Kendall got detention!
That's right.  Our sweet little girl has detention this last week.  She has never been in trouble before so it was a bit of a shocker.  Talking with her teacher later I realized that they are ALOT more strict at this school.  They let nothing slide....Kendall forgot to bring in her homework that day ):
Guess it makes them learn fast.
Don't tell Reese that you heard she peed her pants at school the first week.
I am writing this so we can laugh about it when she is 10!!
Seeing her in another outfit after school I asked her what happened??? 
She told me the teacher said,"No ONE better ask to go to the bathroom!"
SO.....SHE DIDN'T....and peed her pants instead.
Yea, not a very nice Kindergarten teacher but, Reese is a strong girl and is
doing well despite it!

Shaggy Do...or Shaggy Don't?

Bronson's shaggy hair

A decade.......

 Where has 10 years gone????  My cute chunky Savannah
 Crazy fun Toddler
 To sassy and sweet 10 year old.  We took a few pics downtown.  (She made me take a picture of the shoes she got for her B-day.....she is obsessed with them)

 Love this GIRL!  She is beautiful inside and out!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Trouble and his brother

 Meet TROUBLE........and his brother!

P.S.    DON'T leave your keys on the counter.

So lucky!

 Kendall and Melany
 Savannah and Alexus
 The girls.  Kendall and Savannah both became friends with these girls at school in their classes.  They had no idea their friends were SISTERS the same age as our girls!!  CRAZY
 Girls in the pit and I think the boys are burried
 This is what Bronson look like after an hour of jumping
I cannot believe how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends!
We had the awesome DAVIS family take time out of their Disneyland vacation
to spend some time with us!  The girls were over the moon and got to play with 
them at the tramp park.  Bronson got to play with boys his own age too!!
We enjoyed jumping right back into where we left off! 
The girls are thinking all of their friends are just coming every week to 
visit them in California.  We miss them already and can't wait to see them again!

Punkin Patch

 I love it when I see a cute opportunity for a picture and then I realize that I have 5 kids who never look/smile at the same time.
 OK well here is 4 out of 5.  Guess that will do!


 Playing in the hay!

 It was cute for pictures but it did not compare to Utah's Pumpkin patches.  At least we saw a cute water bin with Hudson's name on it!!


 It has been a decade since this little girl has changed our lives.  We love her in our family and life would not be the same with out her!  We started off her b-day at 6AM with French toast.
 Kendall was super excited about it too!

 Even better was Savannah's California State test.  It happened to be on a cookie.  She aced it!!
 After school was opening presents!
 With the coolest party guests ever!
 I love their faces in this one!!
 Savannah got a boogie board.......
 and a pet Tranchula!!
 We ended her fun day with her favorite dinner:  Tacos and instead of a cake we had orange floats!!
10 Things we love about Savannah:
**If she LOVES something...she will always love it forever.  She loved bunnies when she was 3 and is still obsessed with them!!
**Is HAPPY almost all the time
**She is become such a mom to Hudson.  If he is crying....she is the one running to him.
**She is REALLY strong for her size.
**Has a big heart and a great smile
**Likes the details in life
**Has great scene of humor makes us all laugh
**Only needs to be told once...if at all.
*Has a great memory...
**Great reader/loves to learn

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peace OUT

Savannah had a birthday party with her friends 2 days before her birthday.
She is so lucky her dad owns a fun party place for kids.  So 20 of her school friends came and jumped their hearts out!  They even made Savannah stand up on the spines and everyone in the building sang to her!!
They ate piece cupcakes and rainbow sherbert.  Opened some presents and played with her fiends some more!  I was such a fun day and so glad that alot of her friends could spend the day with us!!