Friday, August 24, 2012

First Day of School

 Traditional front door pics.  Reese is totally a poser!



 Reese payed close attention to the teacher and did everything exactly how she was told

The girls had their first day of school.  In their new school, in a new state.  I am quite sure I was the most nervous.  First, Kendall was dropped off.  She was so excited that she almost forgot to say goodbye!  Next was Savannah.  She seemed just as nervous as me.  Then she meet her teacher who was about her same height and then saw a starburst on her desk and she had a HUGE grin on her face.
Reese was last and I went in with her.  I am pretty sure I was the only parent who's Kindergarten kept telling me..."MOM.....can you go now?"    "Mom...................why are you still here?"
Reese is fiercely independent and she loves her teacher.
Both Savannah and Kendall meet new friends the first day which makes it easier!
:Things we had to adjust to::
*NO hallways.  Only classrooms are indoors
*You eat outside on tables
*They have SWINGS on the playgrounds and trikes for Kindergardeners
*They have an electronic gate door that locks the minute the bell rings.  You are lock into the school grounds our locked out.  The only way in or out is through the office.
*Backpacks are hung up OUTSIDE
*Kindergarten is ALL DAY!  
*They all learn Spanish in school
So a few differences from our previos frigid state!  I did ask where do the kids eat when its cold outside.  The person just look at me and said "cold???"
Yea....where new!

Boys and Girls

 OH MAN!!!!  These boys are going to miss the girls SOOOOOOOO much!  The girls have been their entertainers, helpers, and friends for the past 3 months.  They are really gonna have a hard time when they go back to school ):
 This girl seems to be getting older so fast.  She has REALLY had much more of a mothering instinct this summer.  Savannah has always helped out but, she has been especially glued to Hudson alot.  If we are eating Savannah is sitting by and feeding Hud. If he cries she runs over and picks him up.  So much now that he reaches for her when he is sad!
Had to throw this in cuz she is so into fashion.  Check the earring have to match the outfit!

Remember whens............

 CANT GET ENOUGH........Sandy baby toes and curly blonde hair!

 BOYS playing together in the sand........PRICELESS

 This is a new one............Do a handstand till the ocean smackes you in the face (:

 AND massive tunnels~

Remember when-

Seems like the girls are always remembering the worst experiences and they love to tell them over and over again.  So here is another one for them.
REMEMBER WHEN mom thought it would be so fun if she took us to the beach by herself.  Yes all 5 kids packed up and hauled to the beach.
Remember that she forgot the wipes.  Yes we found that out when we were half way there and Savannah had a bloody nose.  NO worries we used up all the spare napkins for that.   Remember when we were merging to the I-5.  You know where the 15 meets the 5 its always backed up and at a stand still.  Remember that's when Reese started screaming saying she had to go potty and it wasn't #1.
Remember how were were still stuck and she went anyway ):
Remember that Kendall had to clean you off with a fallen palm leaf ( wipes and no napkins in the car) and we were laughing to hard to help you!  Remember that we found a plastic bag in the garbage can and dropped your suit in it.  And how nice Bronson was to give you his shirt and how sweet Hudson was to give you his extra pain or shorts.  Remember how silly you looked.
Remember that we had a BLAST for the next 4 hours not thinking twice about what happened!
(and don't forget to remember that we left the swimsuit in the bag that we placed right by our car so it didn't stink it up while we were gone......and SOMEONE else picked it up and TOOK IT!)

P>S> These pictures where taken on another trip to the beach by ourselves.  Just goes to show you nothings gonna keep us from the beach!

What fun you can have with a box

Why do I pay for plastic pools that break every year?
All I have to do I dump out my winter clothes.  Fill box with water....add a naked baby.
Then all of a sudden ALL kids are drawn to it for a spontaneous water fight!

BACK to SCHOOL dinner

 CHEERS.....To a new school year

The girls came up with the menu this year.  Fish Tacos, Veggies, and a fun drink.
We were excited that we finally have a table big enough for us to eat outside on now.
It was a fun night filled with hopes for the new school year, in a new school, in a new home, in a new state.

Swimming some more

 Reese, Mrs. Rosie and Collin

 Reese is diving for the first time!

Creatures big and small

                                     AQUARIUMS are COOL!