Saturday, June 30, 2012


We got a little pool for Hudson....seems like everyone likes it....except Hudson!

 Their first fuzzy Caterpillar....before they let it go!

 Their cousin Kaeli got them into sewing...They just make up their own designs!
 Reese is really getting good at coloring!  She gave this masterpiece to her brother(Bronson).  It was a tractor.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Home sick

Getting a little home sick around here.  Especially when we keep referring to things in Utah as "back home".
I have to realize that we moved and this IS our new home.  This is a picture of the kids skyping with their friends back home.....I even got to talk to my baby sister last night.....boy do we miss EVERYONE!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Taco Tuesday

Nuff said!

New hobbies

We have had a really laid back summer.  So Grandma Karlyn introduced the girls to needlepoint and got them some cool ones to try out!  I have to say they spent alot of hours on those things.  Kendall especially got into it and did really good.  Also all the girls are in a short tennis class.  ALL 3 in the SAME class.  It is so cute!  I only got one pic before my camera died!  They are the 3 in the middle.  They love it and Reese is the youngest by 2 years.....but keeping up with them all!

Funny boy

 BRONSON...Where is your fruit stick???
 I got it!
Some things we LOVE about Bronson at 3:

He is talking a ton more.  Which means he is picking up phrases from everyone-
"OH YEA!...."followed by a booty shake
"OH my goodness"
"I can do it myself mom!"

I Love that every morning when he wakes up he runs to me with open me a hug and says,"Good morning Mom".

He is still a great napper and good sleeper (:

Love to take out the batteries out of anything.

Love to turn on the TV, dishwasher, washer, dryer, and basically anything with buttons.

HAS TO OPEN THE DOOR TO THE HOUSE! -if someone else beats him to it he has a HUGE fit.
I told the girls he is training on being a gentleman and they need to wait for him to open the door for them!
But, sometimes he will open the door in.....and lock us out ):

Loves to ride his bike, scooter, go for walks, and watching MOVIES with POPCORN!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission

Meet the 3 newest girls in our family:
Omlet (White)
Scramble (Black)
French toast (brown)

We happen to go to a feed store one day and come home with a box of all we have to do is build a coop and keep them alive for 6 more weeks!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Beach trip...2, 3, and 4!

So the next few BEACH trips...........we left the boys at home!!!
WE went with my parents, and then again with some cousins!
The girls could live at the beach (me too)  They did boogie boarding, built sand castles, and we even managed to dig a hole big enough to fit in Savannah and Kendall.  It was such a sight that a complete stranger came up and took a picture with the girls on her phone!! 

FAMily beach trip....first attempt!

 Love the sand covered toes!

 Bronson looks like such a big kid in his swim trunks!

 My BEACH BABY!  For some reason Hudson was only interested in EATING sunblock and dirt!
 Reese was born to be at the beach!
 HUDSON walked slowly toward the water........
 FELL down.........FELT how cold the water was and then................
 HE screamed and cried the rest of the time.  He hated it!!!

 Now BRONSON came down with me to enjoy the waves....
   THINKing he would LOVE IT!  Then HE felt the water and made be carry him the rest of the time.  OR else screaming and crying would continue!
So after 20 minutes I was done holding him and he had a HUGE fit.   HE put his face in the dirt and then looked like a crazy devil beach toddler the rest of the time.  So our short little beach trip ended with 2 little boys that hate the beach and 3 little girls that loved it!!