Friday, December 31, 2010


We have waited patiently for snow the ENTIRE Christmas break.  We finally got a few inches that stayed the other day and took the opportunity to have some fun!!  It might take an hour and a half to get out the door but worth it all once we hit the hill!!

These are a few of my favorite things......

Bronson loved the remote more than opening any presents (:
 The girls loved giving their homemade gifts to each other
 Having a 3 year old on Christmas is priceless.  She was full of joy the entire day!!
 They got their Christmas wish and all got a music box!  Thank heavens for Grandparents!
 The rest of the day was FULL of NOTHING!!!  MY FAVORITE!!!  Toys EVERYWHERE......and no one telling you to clean them up (:
 Watching our favorite movie.......
and playing new games together!  I look forward to this every year!  This year we even missed breakfast because we were having so much fun playing and being lazy!  Definitely the BEST day EVER!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Twas the night before Christmas...

 Posing for pictures before heading out to the Children's Museum!!  I got a few sweet pictures but, mostly they were to darn excited and couldn't hide it!!
 We baked our traditional sugar cookies.  ONE for Santa, ONE for themselves to eat, and ONE to share with others!

 We did a scavenger hunt this year to find the New Pajamas!  Savannah and Kendall LOVED it and Reese and Bronson did not quite get it!  But they all loved their jammies and it took awhile to get them to settle down..if you cant tell from this picture. I sure do love these kids!!  They make Christmas time so exiting!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SiBlinG GiFtS 2010

This is the first year we have MADE all of the sibling gifts.  The girls looked at some options and picked what they wanted to make for their brother and sisters this year for Christmas.  They each got to stay up extra late one night and work on their gifts.  They had so much fun and are super excited to give them away.  I thought they did really good too!  They all had to cost less than $1/gift.  Kendall made monogrammed hot cocoa mugs, Reese made personalized 2010 photo ornaments,  and Savannah made frilly scarves!!  I think this is going to be a new tradition since I had just as much fun helping as they did making them (:

Bowl FULL of Jelly!

Yup!  I feel like the jolly old fat man this time of year!  I am sloooooow and Large!! Why must I get BIGGER with every pregnancy???  We are excited to make it 25 weeks with 15 more weeks to go...................
I think with the 5th pregnancy we are so busy that we forget that we are having another one (:   I am sure that will change once he arrives right?!?!?!

GINGER house!

 I am lovin having all our kids home!!!  We bought our first house kit and the girls decorated it!  What fun they had putting their special touches on it and licking and eating as much candy/frosting as they could get away with!  For some reason we call them Ginger Houses and not gingerbread houses....Im not sure why but I think it is cute so I call them Ginger houses too!!

Santa time!!

 One of our FAVORITE family traditions...Christmas Village....and yes...Roxy the dog goes EVERYWHERE with us!!

 This is the first year Savannah has smiled and even looked at Santa...she asked for a Bee Pillow Pet!
 Kendall loved Santa and was super excited to get a candy cane after asking for a Music Box!
 Reese asked for a Ballerina for Chirstmas!  Santa said is that it....Reese said ...yes!

 BRONSON turned out to be our FIRST ONE year old to NOT cry when we handed him over to Santa....However, he would NOT look at him (:
It might have been freezing outside but, you would never know it!  Bronson never made a peep.  Later we realized that he gnawed off the plastic from the candy cane and was happily eating it!!

A dogs best friend...

The nutcracker.....and a suprising new member of our family!

I took the girls to the Nutcracker for our girls only night out!  We had soooooo much fun and I think Reese was so into it this year!  T he girls always love to watch the dancers and it is so fun to take them.  When we got home this is what was waiting for us................................................................................................
Thats right!  A DOG!  Alan had to one up me so he went and bought a dog without even talking to me!
She is a sweet dog that the girls named ROXY!  And yes they like to tuck her in at night!!!
So our newest member of our family arrived a little sooner than expected...The good news is she is already potty trained (: