Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An ordinary Spring day

 We never get tired of walking to the "farm".  Bronson feeding the Chickens grass.

 Hudson.....being adorable

 Savannah climbing a tree.  OK this is pretty high for her.  She is terrified of heights!
 Kendall racing ......and beating Alan
 Why do I always feel like I have a monkey on my back????  Oh...I do!

 REESE....Pouting and crying about not winning the race.
 We LAUGH everytime she dose this cuz its sooo sad and so cute when she is mad....ok better stop she is getting madder!!

Bronson trying to climb the tree.  Well its more like Alan put him in the tree so I could take a picture...looks like he is scared of heights too!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

THREE year old!!!

 Bronson last year as a 2 year has he grown!!!

 luv this pic!!  Yes that maybe a "bribe"  that is in his mouth.....He has a hard time staying still!!

March is such a busy month!! Bronson has grown up so much this past year!  He is so handsome and is such an individual...we love him!


Reese last year as a 4 year old
 I cannot believe she is FIVE!  She is so darn adorable and so easy to take pictures of!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Moving mountains

 Of LAUNDRY!  My amazing SIL posted about her families methods of doing laundry for 7.  They are so darn organized and I hope to be there one day.  Till then...this is our families method of laundry.
1.  Wash and dry many loads of laundry until a mountain forms in your laundry room
2.  Move mountain into your family room
3.  Let the crazy happy kids jump off chairs and see how high they can get before safely landing in large pile!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Poor Hud

Hudson is not even one yet....and he has been put though the ringer!
We always say we have 5 of every kind.  With Hudson we knew from birth something was completely different about him.  That was confirmed this fall/winter.  After many many many trips to the pediatrician to try and figure out why....we were finally referred to Primary Childrens Hospital.  We met with the only pediatric pulmonoligist in Utah.  We spent most of the day there and did many different tests.  Well the good news.....we think we have an answer (:

Hudson has bronchomalacia.  It seems to make since.  However he has been put on 3 different medications with 5-8 treatments per day!!  We hope to see improvement in about a month.  He also has low IgE- which could mean an immunodeficiency disorder

 but, he will have to retest for that this summer. He is such a happy kid and not much keeps him down.  We love him soooooo much and are so thankful for amazing doctors to help our chunck out! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to catch a Leprechaun

We made a leprechaun trap tonight.....we hope to catch one on his way back to the rainbow!!!  The top of the hat is a false top and he will fall right through.  Savannah came up with the sign since we know that leprechauns like to break the rules.  Kendall made the gold nugget and the clever ladder.  Wish us luck!!


Reese- FINALLY turned 5.  She has been waiting FOREVER to turn 5.
Reese is the middle child and we feel she gets forgoten about alot. 
So we let her have a friend party.  Boy was she excited!!
She had her best little friends come over for a Rainbow party.
They played pin the cloud under the rainbow, skittle race, and hot potato on the tramp!
We lit the candles for the cake and icecream and started to sing to Reese by the time we sang...
Happ...... She blew OUT the candles!!!  Silly girl!  She was too excited to wait.
She is such a doll.
5 Things we love about Reese-
*She is spunky....sassy
* She knows what she wants....She very disisive!!
*She asks a BILLION questions
*She still puts on her shoes on the wrong feet
*She has a HUGE heart!!!  We love her sooooo much.