Sunday, January 29, 2012

Destruct-O baby

 Found an open pantry door
 Lock onto the paper bowls
 Bowls DOWN!
 Locating his next target
 This one looks good!
 More fun things to chew on!
Then he finds me!  He is too cute to be in so much trouble!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

2 steps forward and one step back

Bronson has been potty trained for a very long time!  However, I have been helping him put his underwear and pants back on EVERY SINGLE TIME.  That was until this week.  I decided he could do it!  And he did!

Well sometimes he gets on his underwear and then gets frustrated with his pants.........

 But, that doesn't keep him down for too long...

One step at a time I guess!!

Dear Chunk:

 Dear Chunk:
Your 23 pounds of cuteness is breaking my back.
Love always,

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finsihed project!

No the finished projected is not that these 2 are getting along (:
Its the book shelf behind them!
We love to read and with some leftover lumber I built (along with my brothers help) some shelves to hold them!  I love it when a project works!

Little man

We combed Bronson's hair over instead of up one day.  And we got a glimpse of what he would look like when he was 30!  Yikes.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

9 monther

AHHHHHH!  Another month has flown by!  Hudson has had a rough 9 months but, you would never know it!  He has had Ppneumonia, Bbronchitis, Ear Iinfection, Bbronchitis, Croup, RSV, and a sinus infection...... in just 9 months.   But, no matter how many times we go to the Dr. they always say..."Oh, he looks happy....he doesn't look sick"  Which always makes me feel stupid for coming in AGAIN.  But, then they but the stethoscope on his chest and realize he is not quite as healthy as they thought.  UGH!

No matter what....You can't keep this baby from smiling!  He is a bright light in our family.

He is in a hurry to move...Hudson started army crawling at 7 months and pulling up at 8 months.  At 9 months he still army crawls a bit and can now go from tummy to sitting up.  He can pull himself up and let go with one hand.  He loves playing with Bronson and likes to take whatever Bronson has!!  We love him so much and everyone claims him as their baby!

Trying new things!

We got sick of the rain around here.
So Alan took the girls up the canyon where there was plenty of snow and went snow-shoeing.
This was their very first time and they LOVED it.
I stayed home with a sick prone baby and a toddler ):
They had a blast making snowmen, running, falling, snow angles, snow ball fights, and lots and lots of eating snow.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drive-in movie

So with Alan being gone alot we had to get creative here !!
So we decided to do a drive in movie....Complete with their own cars and popcorn
The kids loved making the cars more than they liked the movie(:

Coming and going

 Little brother Nathan and Hudson

 Dad and Bronson
 Nathan showing off....doing a push up with the girls (:
 A bunch of cousins playing with the kinnect
 BFF's  Reese and Sara
 THE adults.....

Well just as fast as she came she left.  Kiera (my little sister) moved on and out!  My
Dad and little brother came to pick her up.  Fortunatly their car broke down and we got to hang with them 
a little longer (:
We invited over my older brother and his family for a little get together
We jumped at Ger Air....then went out to dinner with 10 kids!
Finally we talked and talked while kids played!!  Can't get much better than that!
We love our family!!