Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear Bronson:

I appreciate that you are independent and that
you wanted another bowl of cereal
but, I was only out of the room for 5 minutes!

Christmas Morning!!!!

 Hud was the first one up..........7:34am
 We sent Reese downstairs to wake up the girls!
 Hudson LOVES his new sippie cup

 Bronson loves cars and his new race track
 Savannah is CRAZY on her pogo stick

 Reese loves her new baby and stroller!  She is such a good mommy
 Hudson is toooooooooooo cute!  He looks like a toddler on his new scooter.  Thanks to Grandma!

 Dinner was delish with turkey and the favorite...ROOT DEER!
 Kendall .......what a poser. Too bad you cant see that her eyes are crossed in this pic
 The new favorite game we have been playing...HEADBANDZ.  The girls love it and even Reese can play with us!
 Love u Reese!  You crack me up!

Christmas Eve

 Opening sibling gifts
 Bronson having a fit.....................................
 The girls laughing at him.......  Then everyone was happy again
Reese.....the master cookie maker
Kendall had the same piece of dough forever.  She kept making different shapes and changing her mind!
Bronson's first time making cookies.  This lasted for about 5 minutes and he wouldn't stop eating the cookie dough!
Santa at the Treehosue
Making ordinments

Reese is playing at the baby hospital dressed up like a doctor.  Savannah is a microbiologist!!

Frosting  cookies.  One for Santa.  One for yourself.  The rest to share!

Christmas Eve
Baking sugar cookies
Frosting Sugar cookies
Treehouse Museum
Opening sibling gifts
Meeting Santa....again!
Scavenger Hunt and reading a new Christmas story under the tree!

Christmas Chaos

I love all the craziness and fun that Christmas brings!
Alan and the kids are putting together the train!

Reindeer visit!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sibling gifts....again

Kendall and Savannah wrapped up their gifts this week.
They are super excited so keep it a secret!  Savannah made snow globes (thanks pintrest)
and Kendall made dream catchers.

We have been cooking up a storm!  And boy do they LOVE it!

Meeting the BIG guy

We went to Christmas Village (minus Alan and Hud).
The kids got to sit with Santa and talk with the big guy for a few minutes.
Bronson actually looked at him...he didn't say anything, but at least he made eye contact.  We are making some progress!
We took a little train ride and looked at all the little houses.  That was until Bronson decided that he was cold and did not want to be there anymore. That's where i had to carry him screaming to the car.
The girls were a bit upset to leave but I bribed them with some hot cocoa and all was well.
Tell next year!