Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What happens in Vegas.......

Gets BLOGGED about!
 First SISTER road trip happen really quick.  We decide to head to Vegas to visit my parents and our brother and his family for the weekend!  So the 3 of us (Hudson tagged along too) headed out.
 First on the Agenda was to watch the exotic cars on the race track........................
 And of course pose by the Lamborghini
 THEN watch my Dad drive one....That right they let you DRIVE them on the race track.  He got to do a few laps and he went really fast!!!
 THe green Lamborghini was his car of choice!

 Next we went to New York New York and  rode the roller coaster on top of the building!  Super FUN!  Kiera and I rode together...aren't we cute!
 YES!   We did some shopping on the strip and then headed to Cheesecake factory! It was of course so good!
 Add some swimming and call it a weekend!
And in the city that doesn't sleep....neither did Hudson.  He was still really good but, that did not    leave me with much down time and the trip home took forever...but I still got to spend some good times with my sis and family!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ice-cold Lemonade!

The girls came up to me and asked if they could make some lemonade and sell it!
I think I always wanted to do this when I was a kids so of course they could.  We found the supplies and the girls mixed up the drink and set up the stand!  They had sooooooo much fun. 
They made out like bandits for selling lemonade for 25 cents a cup.  

Wheeler Historic Farm

 DUCK FEEDING......Always fUn!
 Reese asks me to take her picture EVERYWHERE!

 Me and my cute passenger!
 YEs Bronson......I made you hold Kendalls hand cuz I thought it would look cute!  Thats until I saw your face in the picture!
 OK so maybe the kids liked the old fashion candy more than the cool historic farm!

 WHOS DARN kids ARE RUNNING THROUGH the spinklers!  
Hay rides, cool streams, and of course this is exactly what Hudson thought about it!
Ok well, it was not too exciting for the kids so it was good that it was free.  We headed out to the mall afterwards and the kids rode the carousel and the LOVED that......so maybe we are not country people YET!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Stay-cation...in pictures!

 Willow park ZOO

 The girls liked sticking their hands under the fence so the ducks would bite them
 Yup....that's our kid's....scaling the fence!!

 Then on to Utah State where the kids had their first college class....How to make icecream!!
 Tour of the factory of how the icecream came to be

 Taste testing the final product!

 Park tour and splash pad run through............

Looks like they are DONE for the day.....

We headed home and enjoyed our family vacation for under 20 bucks!!