Friday, June 24, 2011

What happens when you leave a baby with a 7 year old for 5 minutes!


and I cant get Hudson to smile very much unless he can see my face so the pictures are always off.

Oh man...I love this kid...and his cute t-shirts too!

Lazy Summer Days!

 The great fort of 2011-Took up the entire playroom!  The girls all made different rooms and even slept in it over night!!

 The slip-n-slide is soooooo fun....for the first 5 minutes until it popped!
 Picnic lunch on the park
 Water + Tramp = Hours of fun!

This summer I kinda wanted to slow down and just enjoy being a family!  So thats exactly what we have been up too!


We just had some new tennis courts put in by our home and this was the first year they offered tennis lessons!
The girls have a GREAT teacher and are having alot of fun.
 Savannah and Kendalls cute little class
 Very sweaty little girl
Reese.....always wanting to be older so she can do these fun things too ):

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Schools OUT for SUMMA

IT has arrived!  SUMMA time!  Savannah and Kendall enjoyed their last day of school with their dad for field day!  After school they decided to have a party!  They invited a few friends and we made pancakes and had a pajama party and even watched gnomeo and juliet!  We love all their friends and we are already busy into our summer activities!!

2 months

and his cheeks are getting quite squishy...........

into the woods

We took our vacation early this summer.  Thanks to my little sis who graduated.  We celebrated with her when my parents rented a house in Sunriver, OR.  It is an amazing place where the tempurature stays at 65-70 and there are more paved bike trails than roads!
So for a week we.....

 Ate amazing family dinners together!
 Played at the park
 Had picnics in the woods
 Played some Tennis
 Watched this kid run.....................LOTS!
 Rode our bikes....everywhere!
 Lots of love from Grampa
 The kids loved playing with their uncles and aunties

 Magic tricks every night before bed!
 Fun walks/hikes

 Going to dinner with 16 people is always a treat!

 Rolling down grassy hills!
 Lots of cuddles and luvs from Grandma
 Lots of sharing beds and crazy behavior in hotel rooms
7 people sleeping in ONE room  can cause a little bit of this...ok..alot of it!
So thanks little sis for making it and graduating!  We had a blast!  I cant wait for your next adventure..hehe!