Monday, April 30, 2012


 This good looking crew took me out for my birthday!  A free red robin burger!!!

 Then we didn't get enough rock climbing so we went again.  This time Reese came too!

 This was Reese's first time and I think she liked swinging from the ropes better than climbing (:


Rockin activity girls

 KENDALL might look a bit freaked out, but dont worry.  She LOVES to rock climb and there is no rock she couldn't climb up!
 The girls all had a blast and I was suprised how strong they were
 GO KENDALL   GO SAVANNAH.  Savannah was able to breeze up this rock.  But, got a bit nervous of anything over this height!!!

 Kendall is a bit wild!
 MEANWHILE.....These 2 seemed to entertain themselves !!!!!  OH an empty container!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dancing DIVAS

Savannah and Kendall in their dance outfits.
As we were walking into dance to take pictures Savannah had a bloody nose...for no reason!  
They are both Divas in their own way and LOVE to dance!


 This kids hair is getting outta control..............but I love it so we are not cutting it yet!!
 Alan has been gone ALOT...Which for us means having parties, lots of friends over and sleep-overs (with me!! HAHA).  This particular weekend they had a make your own pizza party.

 Reese got her Kindergarten shots.  She did AWESOME.  She wins for crying the least so far out of the girls.  She was super tuff and had a few tears and then we went to JAMBA.  A tradition that started with Savannah.  You get to have your very OWN and you pick the flavor.
 BRONSON was pretty excited too!  But he had to share with me.  Carrot/orange was pretty good!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter/Spring Break 2

 Coloring Eggs with Gma
 Monster eggs....we have done these for 2 years and they are soooooooo fun.
 Bronson Loves to color eggs too!
 We are family
 The girls

 Hudson and GPA

 Bronson and Kegan the egg hunter
 Don't peek

Spring BREAK

 Hud LUVS Kegan
 GMA and the crew
 Hudson looking for Kegans ball
 Kendall and Bronson
 GMA and Reese flying a kite
 CHUNK!!!  You are adorable....hmmmmm maybe you will be a soccer player!

 Savannah and Kendall doing WHIPS....Not sure they made it!

 Nathan....swinging the boys
 Kendall and Savannah
 Reese at the top and Jake and Natalie taking a break
Nathan and Em feeding the hoards of kids!  Thanks for dinner.

Well it was a break for me....I'm not so sure my family would agree!