Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday BOY!

GUESS WHO HAD A BIRTHDAY LAST WEEK! That's right....Master Bronson.
He was a little under the weather so we held off the party for a little bit.
A few things about Bronson at ONE YEAR:

::Is about 25 lbs
::LOVES to feed himself (especially if it is on the floor)
::Is a super fast crawler.
::Love to cruise and walk if your are holding his hands
::Claps when you say "YEAH!!!!"
::Can growl on demand
::Loves to be held and still loves to cuddle!
::SMILES all the time and is a GREAT sleeper!
::Loves to splash any water until it is gone! (yes, it is a very wet bath time)
Seriously we love love love this little guy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st Day of Spring!

Today holds alot of sweet memories. It is the first day of spring and it was Alan's Grandma's funeral. It was an all day event of reminiscing about the wonderful memories we have of Grandma McEwan. She was quit the fireball! This was also the girls first funeral so it was nice being able to talk to them about it. Savannah said that she missed grandma and she really liked her. She wished she could remember who Jesus was and say hi to him and grandma. Kendall thought Grandma was our sweet neighbor and said it looked like she was sleeping. And as I was tucking in Reese I asked her if she had fun today. She said,"YES!" Then she said, "Grandma is at Church....and Grandma outside." I said,"Yes! Was Grandma sleeping?" She said,"Grandma's Dead!"(YIKES) I was surprised by her statement but then she said, " Grandma's happy." Sweet Reese. I wonder how much she understands being 3....maybe its alot more than me.

On our way home I saw the PERFECT photo OP for Bronson! Since he has an upcoming birthday and dressed nicely we stoped an took some pics.....HERE THEY ARE!
YEA! Did not turn out how I hoped it would! Bronon would NOT stop eating rocks! I could not even get him to look at me. After Alan had a stern talk with him........he STILL payed me no attention. He just need to put every little pebble he could stuff into his mouth ):
OH WELL we still have a few days before his birthday.

Monday, March 15, 2010

More parenting mistakes......

-Don't leave a glass of water on a low table. Can you tell he loooooves to splash!

Don't let your child check out a scary book and then proceed to read it to her sisters and scare the snot out of everyone just before bedtime. (p.s. I just went upstairs to find Kendall with a flashlight on looking for spiders under her bed!)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

1 Day......two specail events!

The morning started off with BIRTHDAY pancakes with candles of course!

Then off to see this sweet girl get an amazing blessing by her father (my brother). Is she not the cutest baby girl? I have a zillion pics of her but, will leave the gushing and posting pics with her parents (:

What is with the last few pics you ask??? Well as we are joyfully driving to the blessing, Reese's lovely fancy birthday cake took a dive in the car and was all over ): Not really wanting to cut up and serve gross cake that had been all over my car I let the girls have at it! Eat it, stick your face in it, and then we got rid of it! I realized that it really did not matter what the cake looked like.... they all just wanted to take a bite! Love ya Reese! I am glad you got to spend your special day with your sweet cousin.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I Three!

Gotta love the way kids talk and for the past 2 months Reese has been telling everyone that she is 3! When we told her she is 3 in March she started saying," I three......March is my birthday." Who knows what she understands but, she went to bed super fast tonight cuz I told her she could open presents in the morning!! Her are some pics we took for her 3rd birthday in her birthday outfit!!

She loooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeees all things frilly. Can you tell?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good or Bad?

I am not sure if today was a good day or a bad day:

Good-Woke up to my alarm this morning. BAD- I woke up Reese too!

Good- Kendall slept in. BAD- I woke her up and saw swollen pussy eyes

Good- Alan had not left for work yet. BAD-Anything on my to do list was replaced by going to the doctors
BAD- She had a bad case of pink eye in both eyes!

Good- Kendall got to stay home with me allllllllll day. BAD- Kendall was BORED staying at home with me alllllllllll day!

BAD- I got in a car accident on the way to Costco(A high-school kid plowed in the back of me) Good- No one was hurt.....not even the car!

Good-I saw THIS at Costco that I have be eyeing for forever and it was alot cheaper there! BAD- I still cannot afford it so it was a painful reminder to see it again!!

Good- I cooked a fab-U-less tilapia with all the fixins. BAD- In the mist of running around after a naughty toddler, 2 bickering sisters and an 11 month old who thinks he is your personal vacuum I BURNED the food and set off ALL of the smoke detectors in the house. Good- No one cried!

Good-ALL KIDS are bathed and IN BED. BAD-Alan leaves and ALL children take turns getting out of bed!

Good- All children back to bed. BAD- Baby boy has some bad allergies and decides that he would rather lay on my shoulder than in his comfy bed. Good- He is sooooooooo cuddly!

Good- Alan come home with a Diet Coke and Reese's.

I guess all is well in the world again. I am tired, and going bed so I can to do it all over again tomorrow (: